Several years ago, owner and creator of The ZipTip®, Thomas Medsker, was on his boat when a zipper pull on the canvas broke off. He didn’t want to have to replace the entire zipper so he searched high and low for a suitable replacement at several stores, but could not find one. He settled for a 3/4″ split key ring at a local hardware store which, while functional, was not very attractive. Then one night he woke up and had his ZipTip® epiphany. He made several modifications and created what would become the very first ZipTip®, which he has refined through trial and error into the product you see today. Specially designed and crafted in the USA, the ZipTip® attaches seamlessly to any existing or broken zipper right out of the package to create a new and unique pull. Made with ABS plastic and a rust resistant stainless steel ring, it is both light and durable. Our Finger Fit Technology® features an easy to use thumb grip to guarantee an easy pull rain or shine. It is especially helpful for those with delicate hands, both young and old. Choose from many exciting designs, or create your own custom ZipTip®! Show off your school or team spirit, support for your favorite club, charity, raise awareness for a cause or group or advertise your business! The ZipTip® also offers the personalized Ball Marker ZipTip®, which features a rare-earth magnet that serves as a ball marker for when you’re out on the green.

  • Carley Lucas
  • Creative Director

I bought these for goodie bags for an event for Families of the Wounded Fund, the hunters really liked them. It works great on gun bags, duffel bags and jackets.

  • Gerald
  • Fredericksburg, VA

The ZipTip is sturdy and easily repaired my broken zipper on my winter jacket.

  • Andrew
  • Fredericksburg, VA

The ZipTip provided me with a great way to fix my old zipper pull on my golf bag while giving me the chance to represent something I support.

  • Richard
  • Richmond, VA

This is a fantastic product! The zipper broke on my favorite purse, and the ZipTip fixed it and looks great!

  • Suzanne
  • Kitty Hawk, NC